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Meet Deborah Amenawon, also known as DEVAURA. Born in New Zealand and based in Australia, DEVAURA burst onto the music scene in 2023, committed to reinvigorating storytelling and world-building in music. She’s celebrated for her powerful vocals and fierce bars, as highlighted by Tommy Faith of triple j: “It’s rare to find an artist with a vocal as strong as hers or bars as fierce and flavoursome but to find an artist that does both? That’s Devaura right there.”

DEVAURA has made notable appearances at Big Sound, opened for acts like AWA MBAYE and REALLY NICE, and headlined MUVA X PINK FRIDAY show. Her energetic track “KETAMINE,” featuring local artists ASH SWAZE and Chandler Jewels, has received continuous support from FBI RADIO and triple j. Coming from a background of significant challenges, including being a queer, first-generation immigrant and formerly houseless, DEVAURA’s resilience shines in her music. She’s now set to release more new music in 2024, starting with “VENICE.”

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