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Infused with the dynamic energy of West African heritage and the urban grit of Western Sydney, ‘DSP’ navigates the music scene with a dedication to his craft and has made significant strides in the Australian music industry, leaving behind a trail of remarkable achievements.

His breakthrough track, “NJ Freestyle,” released in 2022, garnered widespread acclaim both locally and internationally, amassing over 1 million streams (and counting) on Spotify and drawing the attention of music promoters and critics in Australia and the UK. DSP’s musical style is a reflection of his diverse influences, drawing from the raw realities of Western Sydney’s streets and the vibrant rhythms of West African music. Seamlessly traversing genres, from Afro to drill, DSP maintains a signature tonality that is uniquely his own. As DSP’s star continues to ascend, he remains committed to more than just personal success. Recognizing his role as a role model, particularly for the youth of Western Sydney, DSP is determined to be a positive influence. His journey from a young artist experimenting in the studio to a cultural force in the Australian music scene is just the beginning.

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