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Zia Jade

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Emerging as a strong new voice in Australian R&B, Newcastle’s Zia Jade is a definitive breath of fresh air. Soulful, confident and vibrant, Zia Jade’s music represents a smart and refreshed blend of sonic influences, as well as a strong vision of where her sound is set to head next. Brandishing a core sound built upon a wide range of inspiration and aesthetics, Zia’s music effortlessly moves between the forward-thinking worlds of traditional and modern R&B. Growing up around music, the importance of it as an artform was imprinted on Zia from a young age. Whether it was discovering artists like Rihanna for the first time, or becoming exposed to music closer to home courtesy of the musicians in her family and, as she got older, the local Newcastle music community, Zia Jade’s own drive to become a musical artist was buoyed on by seeing how the craft could manifest in so many different ways. When she first started songwriting, Zia Jade felt a love for R&B and pop-influenced music. She gravitated towards compositions focused on ideas of love, friends, and exploration of relationships. As such experiences have taken real-life form for Zia Jade in many ways in adulthood, the music she creates now retains the purity of those early efforts, with added wisdom and strength.

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