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Acclaim Allstars Card Jay Saad

Jay Saad

Pricking the ears of music fans with his catchy release ‘Opp Wit a Glock’ back in 2019, Melbourne artist Jay Saad has gone on to reap benefits that many up-and-comers would kill for. From appearing on major Spotify playlists to touring Australia with Icy Narco, the rapper also found himself catching the attention of established US rappers Lil Mosey and Gunna, going on to open their Melbourne shows at the end of last year.

His latest release and debut EP Jxysworld is described by Saad as a portfolio of his new age hip hop and trap sound, showcasing the versatile corners of his present talent but also presenting a foretelling of his music to come, most notably in his outro track, ‘These Days’. Rumoured to have a back-catalogue of over 40 recorded songs, perhaps set for release as we slip into 2021, we chatted to the rising rapper about his new EP, learning from the best and life after ‘Opp Wit A Glock’.

Acclaim Allstars 2020

What were you like growing up? Has music always been a big part of your life?
Yeah for sure, I’ve always been into the music scene whether it be dancing or rapping when I was a kid. I grew up listening to rap music all my life, so I feel like it was only right to start making my own music.

Were there any artists you looked up to growing up? And why?
Meek Mill was definitely my biggest influence growing up. I would listen to his songs all day and never listen to another rapper. But then later on I started getting more into other artists like Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Drake etc. and I started messing with their styles of music too.

‘Opp Wit A Glock’ was your first track that made big waves. How did the song come to fruition?
This was one of the first tracks I ever made. I recorded it in my room as a little flex track, and I wasn’t even thinking of releasing it at all, but all my homies were really liking it at the time, so I thought I’d just release it, and I’m glad I did [Laughs].

What was life like after that single took off?
That was when things really started to pop off. I was landing big Spotify playlists, getting performance requests, agencies and record labels in Australia started hitting me up, and that’s when I knew it’s time to get my bag.

You’ve opened for big artists like Icy Narco, Lil Mosey and Gunna. What has performing and being around these heavyweights taught you?
Performing with these artists helped me get more comfortable in this industry, I learnt how everything works and what I should be doing. Lil Mosey was the biggest help, we spent hours late night in the studio together, and he was just giving me all the game and showing me his ways of recording and making music.

Your latest EP Jxysworld dropped a couple of months ago. What was your mindset going into making the release? And what was the process behind it?
With JXYSWORLD, I wanted to create a lil mixtape showing different types of creativity and flows, and have that as like a base portfolio to showcase the sound I’m going for. Think of it as like a warm-up for my next few releases.

You said ‘These Days’ was an outro/intro in what’s to come from you? What are some things we can expect from your sound, or just you in general, in the future?
‘These Days’ was my way of letting everyone know the type of music I’m ‘bout to tap into. I’m working on using a melodic rapping style, whether it be on slow songs or even hype tracks, and if you like that one you’re gonna like what songs I have planned to release real soon.

What’s your favourite song off of the release and why?
My favourite is ‘These Days’ for sure cause I feel like it has the most meaning and the best type of sound out of all the tracks on the EP.

What kind of music/ artists are influencing your music at the moment?
A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Gunna would have to be my biggest influences as of right now. I like the way they both ride the beats and flow on their tracks.

Is there anyone you’re looking to collaborate with in the future? Who are some dream collaborators?My goal is to make an album with A Boogie, when that happens I’ll be littt.

What do you look for in an artist when you look to collaborate?
The way they flow on a track, if they can do that with no problem and have it sounding fire then I’m down to collab with them.

Is there a certain message or feeling you want fans to take away from your music?
Listen to my released tracks if you’re tryna turn up and get lit, but now it’s time for some deep songs to put you in your feelings, so get ready for that.

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Words: Julie Fenwick
Photography: Moesha Pina