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Clariyah Bo$$

Clariyah Bo$$ is one of those artists that stands firmly on two feet, traversing through her music with the spirit of someone who knows who she is and where she comes from. With this mentality her releases, from her contemplative EP Vulnerable to her no-nonsense track ‘Green Hunnids’, hammer down on topics that memorialize her past but also depict her present, and in doing so showcase a side of herself that demands authenticity.

With the late Tupac standing as one of her major influences, the impact of the old school rapper on the upcoming young artist couldn’t be more obvious, both influenced by the true state of the world around. It’s with this observance that her latest track ‘BVNTA’ arises, a song that dismisses the select few that think they know better, and reinstills power in herself.

With 2021 coming in fast and a mixtape currently under wraps, we caught the astute artist on her way up to talk early releases, growing up with music and what Clariyah Bo$$ represents.

Acclaim Allstars 2020

What were you like growing up and when did music first come into your life?
I mean as a small kid I was quiet and reserved but also happy, the goofy one of the family, always trying to make people laugh. I feel like my environment and circumstances played a major role in who I became as a teenager though, because once we moved to the flats it changed me, I was about 15 and started getting into some things I shouldn’t have. It could have led me to a very dark path but music low-key saved me. Since I can remember music has been a part of my life. My mum introduced me to R&B and old school hip hop at a very young age. She always used to play Jagged edge, 112, Tupac, Lauryn Hill etc. when she was cleaning and I would overhear her singing and vibing out.

Who were some artists that inspired you growing up?
Tupac was a major influence on me growing up. Just everything he represented spoke to me on a spiritual level, and I could relate to what he rapped about

Where did you first find inspiration for your rap?
Honestly, just from my circumstances. I had a rough childhood and upbringing so I used to make people up and create lives that were worse than mine to make mine appear better. It was an escape and coping mechanism for me at the time.

Who is Clariyah Bo$$ and what does she represent?
I am a strong woman who has been through the depths of hell in life and still managed to come out with a smile and love to give, even though it’s something I’ve never truly known. I’m a soldier who’s fought battles I still carry scars from. I am a representation of every person who has wanted to give up and kept going, and I’m heavy on the ‘where you come from’ doesn’t determine your fate.

Your song ‘Breaking Me Slowly’ was one of your earliest songs, released 7 years ago, and racked up a heap of views on youtube. What do you think it was about that song that made it so popular?
I feel it was so popular because it was relatable. I wrote it for a friend who was going through a break up at the time and honestly it is hard to see a person you once loved walk around a stranger that you barely know. There’s a lot of heartbroken people out there I guess.

Your debut EP Vulnerable was released last year. What does the release mean to you and what did you want to explore in the EP?
Vulnerable will always be super special to me because at the time I was making the EP I was going through a drastic transformation within. I explored letting go of old traits/habits I had held onto for too long and I felt that EP really showcased my journey to setting myself free of burdens I carried for an extensive amount of time. Hence on one of the songs ‘Part ways’, a lot of people think I am talking about a man, but I’m talking about my old self and the process of letting her go.

Can you tell us about your latest single ‘BVNTA’? What was the inspiration behind it?
BVNTA is an example of one of my moods towards people who try to act brand new. I was low-key tired of people trying to discredit what I’ve done all these years and downplay my art.

You recently dropped a music video for the track, how did that come together?
I mean honestly, I thought the track deserved a clip, plus everybody loves visuals over just audio, so I told my cousins to come through to the studios and we made a movie.

When writing lyrics are there any messages or ways that you’re feeling that are important for you to convey to your fans?
I’ve always been the type to write out exactly how I’m feeling because it’s therapeutic to me. It’s my authentic truth and the way I express myself. Generally when that happens there is a deeper meaning/message behind the song, but it all depends on how I’m feeling at the time, and the direction I think my truths are heading.

The Melbourne scene is filled with up-and-coming rappers changing the shape of Australian rap. Is there anyone you have your eye on at the moment?
Damn, Melbourne has crazy talent all over but imma say my g Plire from the South-East. He has a crazy flow and he’s underrated. J.B.T, his work ethic is crazy and he goes hard. For my ladies, Mzuki. I just dig her whole vibe and Goddess energy on every track. She’s super humble too. Kobi Spice, she’s dope, a close friend of mine and always making bops, and last but not least, Jess Makaveli, she brings that fire with a lil spanish twist and I live for that.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Lauryn Hill, I just feel like I’ve connected so much with her words of wisdom and she speaks to my soul. Us on a track together? Magicccc.

What have you got coming up in 2021 and where do you hope the future takes you?
I have a couple of singles dropping and then a mixtape after, so that’s exciting. I just wanna release all my unreleased tracks really, I have so many of them. I hope the future takes me to a place of change and milestones. I just want to reach my highest potential and be the best version of myself.

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Words: Julie Fenwick
Photography: Georgia Haynes